Hidden Treasures at Hammonassett

For all my local Connecticut inhabitants, if you haven't been to Hammonassett Beach State Park at least once in your life, you are missing out my friends. Not to be biased, but Hammonassett is my FAVORITE beach in Connecticut. I can remember my parents bringing me here as a little kid; we would build sandcastles … Continue reading Hidden Treasures at Hammonassett


Steady Habit Brewing Company

A wise person once said "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." I couldn't agree with this statement more, but hey, listen... if God loves beer, then that means God must love Connecticut's beer trail. Makes sense, right? Tucked away in the tiny town of Haddam, CT is … Continue reading Steady Habit Brewing Company

~*~ Roses and diners on a fall Sunday afternoon ~*~

"Take time to smell the roses" Cliched, I know, but the Elizabeth Park Rose Garden in West Hartford is something out of a whimsical fairy tale. So, recently I've been blessed with finding a friend who enjoys adventuring and trying new things as much as I do. Every Sunday we seem to explore something new. This … Continue reading ~*~ Roses and diners on a fall Sunday afternoon ~*~

~*~ Apple Harvest Festival and Night Life~*~

From fritters and pies to beers and shots, the Apple Harvest Festival has everything one could hope to find in America's favorite fall fruit. The festival is the apple of Southington's eye as it celebrates it's 50th Anniversary! While driving and finding parking can be a bit rotten, the festival itself is now one of … Continue reading ~*~ Apple Harvest Festival and Night Life~*~